Ajrakh, its not just another fabric!

We are on a quest for the Indian contemporary, rooted in its traditions yet global in its charm. ‘Contemporary Revival’ as a design expression is hold close and lies at the spirit of every creation. The primary focus of Vraj:bhoomi is to revive the age-old regional art of Ajrakh bringing it to a larger audience. Unlike the commercial production process, the idea of an outfit at Vraj:bhoomi doesn’t start at design level — it begins as a shared effort between the designer and the craftsmen.

We love hand made

The beauty and authenticity of the label rests in the textile process, where materials pass through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the hand made and creating pieces that has a unique story to share. The resulting garment evokes a strong sense of culture from which it originates. When you are buying something handmade, you are buying more than just a product. You are buying hundreds of hours, days, weeks and months of experimentations and failures. You aren’t just buying a product, but a piece of art, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly you are buying craftsman, more time, to do something they are passionate about.

Vraj:bhoomi loves HandMade!

vraj:bhoomi ajrakh handmade fabric collection

Our style is simple, timeless and relaxed

The label brings together Indian elements to a sensibility very global in appeal. Things that strike a sense of nostalgia, elements that bring out the Boheme appeal and yet cater to a fashion forward state of mind.The label focuses on comfort, ease and thus cotton in relaxed silhouettes characterize Vraj:bhoomi.

Live, Create, Tell the Story, Repeat

Deep within its bowls, a craft holds dear the myths, legends, and faiths that lent it its form, these stories need to be shared with the onlooking audience. It’s the transfer of this value-system more than the craft itself, which is the objective of the label.

Every craft, every product has many urban legends and tales depicting their origin. Every product that we make with love and passion has a message for you. Come and be a part of this modern day tale as we take it forward with your love and support. You can carry this message and spread it to others; this message may mean many things to many people but to us this message is simple and clear....

“We are not selling a product; we are selling a story, The stories are truths we live by and the only roots we know!”

The Story Tellers:
Bhoomi Dani & Priyam Shah

Summer of 2009, Bhoomi Dani graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology where she specialized in Textile design. She is the Design brain behind the brand and a true Libran who is always caught busy maintaining a perfect balance between traditional crafts and contemporary style to attain the perfect design statement which is at the core of Vraj:bhoomi.

Whereas Priyam Shah, academically an aviator, and a passionate art-admirer contributes through his business acumen and astute leadership towards making Vraj:bhoomi a perfect balance of craft and commerce.

Together, they want to encourage people to consider where their clothing comes from, and to prove that Indian fashion can be extremely plush whilst maintaining the traditional design philosophy.

At Vraj:bhoomi we are always open to the magic of discovery and unplanned pleasures. We enjoy the little things, the unexpected pops of fun and quaintness that give our days life. Our journey is fluid and open-ended: of pure wanderlust, of innovation, of freedom.

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