When the world is bustling with “sustainability” and “environment-friendly” as the newest trends of the future, for many centuries, innumerable crafts have existed in harmony with nature. One such craft is the Ajrakh.

Traditionally, Ajrak is the name of a block printed cloth with deep crimson red and indigo blue background, bearing symmetrical patterns with scattered unprinted sparkling white motifs. Ajrakh is an example of true craftsmanship where maker and materials forms a close unity.

The magic of Ajrakh lies in the seamless amalgamation of the natural colors and elaborate blocks resulting in a fascinating patterns!

Knowledge is absorbed and becomes a part of one’s existence. It is then intuitive and not written. Ajrakh similarly, is a part of craftsmen’s life, his existence, his psyche. Inspiration to him is directly from his immediate environment:

The life giving water from the ever flowing river;

The constant energy from sun;

The sacred, vibrant colors from the plants and rocks;

The hands of the artisan;

The intricately carved wooden blocks, from the heart of the tree trunks, which brings life to the fabric.

The making of an Ajrakh is like witnessing creation unfold itself!