Upcycled Ajrakh Cover Diaries

Manufacturers and designers in the mainstream fashion industry discard huge amount of materials en route to production. ‘Upcycling’ is the process of creating something new and better from waste items.

The process requires a considerable amount of creativity and vision and environmental consciousness. The end result is typically a product or item that is one-of-a-kind, handmade, and sustainable.

Keeping all these factors in consideration, we have designed and crafted these Ajrakh Cover Diaries with absolute care from the Pre-consumer waste which is produced while the garments are being manufactured such as the pieces of fabric leftover after cutting out a pattern.

ajrakh diary
These diaries are so versatile and can be used in a number of ways such as a notebook, diary, travel journal, scrapbook, or a journal for your thoughts, dreams, goals, and the list can go on and on. Our classic earth-friendly diaries make a great gift for yourself; for any stationery lover or even customizing for your business!

Ajrakh – It’s not just another fabric

When the world is bustling with “sustainability” and “environment-friendly” as the newest trends of the future, for many centuries, innumerable crafts have existed in harmony with nature. One such craft is the Ajrakh.

Traditionally, Ajrak is the name of a block printed cloth with deep crimson red and indigo blue background, bearing symmetrical patterns with scattered unprinted sparkling white motifs. Ajrakh is an example of true craftsmanship where maker and materials forms a close unity.

The magic of Ajrakh lies in the seamless amalgamation of the natural colors and elaborate blocks resulting in a fascinating patterns!

Knowledge is absorbed and becomes a part of one’s existence. It is then intuitive and not written. Ajrakh similarly, is a part of craftsmen’s life, his existence, his psyche. Inspiration to him is directly from his immediate environment:

The life giving water from the ever flowing river;

The constant energy from sun;

The sacred, vibrant colors from the plants and rocks;

The hands of the artisan;

The intricately carved wooden blocks, from the heart of the tree trunks, which brings life to the fabric.

The making of an Ajrakh is like witnessing creation unfold itself!

The Original Ajrakh Wearers

Traditionally, Ajrakh was only worn by nomadic pastoralist and agricultural communities like the Rabaris, Maldharis and Ahirs. Originally it was worn around the waist as a ‘lunghi’, wrapped the head as ‘safa’ turban, or simply flung over the shoulder as a utility cloth. Often small purchases were tied into the four corners of the shoulder cloth and larger goods like vegetables and grains into each end. This cloth was also used as a portable prayer mat by Muslims. It was also given as a gift for the Muslim festival of Eid, for bridegrooms, and for other special occasions.

This versatile and beautiful textile was used in many ways by the wearer. This cloth was an essential everyday commodity and adornment as well as a symbol of their identity.

Many say they feel incomplete, partially clothed or even ill at ease without their ‘Ajrakh’ and will have an extra special piece of ‘Ajrakh’ stored for auspicious occasions!


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