Founders:Bhoomi Dani & Priyam Shah

At Vraj:bhoomi we are always open to the magic of innovation and unplanned pleasures. We enjoy the little things, the unexpected pops of fun and and curiousness that give our days life.

bhoomi dani

Summer of 2009, Bhoomi Dani graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology where she specialized in Textile design.She is the Design brain behind the brand and a true Libran who is always caught busy maintaining a perfect balance between traditional crafts and contemporary style to attain the perfect design statement which is at the core of Vraj:bhoomi. Her talent lies in creating the perfect synergy of innovative patterns and immaculate tailoring, coming up with designs that suits the classics and contemporary in equal and in exploring the traditional Indian textiles and translating those to the most urban and chic outfits.

Priyam Shah

Whereas Priyam Shah, academically an aviator, and a passionate art-admirer contributes through his business acumen and astute leadership towards making Vraj:bhoomi a perfect balance of craft and commerce.

Together, they want to encourage people to consider where their clothing comes from, and to prove that Indian fashion can be extremely plush whilst maintaining the traditional design philosophy.