Vraj:bhoomi is much more than just prints and weaves

Vraj:bhoomi is a concept clothing label based out of Gujarat, working with desert artisans in transforming the traditional hand block printing skills to ethical aesthetic wear. We are into contemporary revival of a textile craft called “Ajrakh”, a form of hand block printing with resist dyeing using natural dye stuffs.

We are on a quest for the Indian contemporary, rooted in its traditions yet global in its charm. ‘Contemporary Revival’ as a design expression is hold close and lies at the spirit of every creation. Unlike the commercial production process,the idea of an outfit at Vraj:bhoomi doesn’t start at design level - it begins as a shared effort between the designer and the craftsmen.

Being a textile centric label, we are intensely involved in researching,reviving and sustaining the inherent quality of traditional Indian crafts. We consistently seek to push boundaries in the creation of a new aesthetic using old-world and traditional processes. The label brings together Indian elements to a sensibility very global in appeal. The label focuses on comfort, ease and thus cotton in relaxed silhouettes characterize Vraj:bhoomi.


One Craft Label

When the buzz is generated about resuscitating the dying arts and crafts of India, several design labels have come forward to contribute to this notion. But, where they fail to make an actual impact is at the longevity of their contribution. It is observed in the fashion industry, that labels work with a particular craft and handlooms for a season. Once the season changes the craft and artisans associated with it are left on their own.

In the parched land of Kutch-Gujarat, the intricate motifs are hand block printed on fabric; coloured with the dyes extracted from nature and dried out in the open sky as if an offering made to the divine sun. This craft is called Ajrakh. At Vraj:bhoomi, every collection we make, is focused on reinterpreting the age old technique of hand block printing called Ajrakh. Instead of relying on forecasts, we have stayed true to its traditional colour palette. The shades and tones of these naturaldyes are extensively dependent on its surroundings and thus, the results are highly unpredictable.

Despite all the restraints of this craft, every collection of ours brings out something ‘nouveau’. Various contemporary motifs areused along with traditional blocks which gives this craft a perfect blend of both. Taking inspiration from across the world, this local craft is given a global twist.


Handcrafted in Kutch

Vraj:bhoomi’s roots lie in Kutch, a flourishing vibrant region with its true colours of rich heritage and cultural traditions.The textile crafts of Kutch that reflects through the medium of expression, culture, moral and traditional values is the very essence of Vraj:bhoomi.

An evolved sense of style, atypical richness, a splendor that prevails over everything they create the traditional craftsmen of Kutch, create magic with their hands.The beautiful textiles energised and embellished with hand techniques, the desert artisans and the diverse culture of Kutch have been a lifelong inspiration at Vraj:bhoomi.

The authenticity of Vraj:bhoomi lies in the textile process, where materials pass through the hands of one crafts person to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the hand made and creating products that has a unique story to share.

When you are buying something handmade,
you are buying more than just a product.
You are buying hundreds of hours, days, weeks
and months of experimentations and failures.
You are buying a piece of art,
part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life.
Most importantly you are buying craftsman,
more time, to do something they are passionate about.