Consciously Colored

& Responsibly Crafted

At Vraj:bhoomi, we capture the true essence of hand-block printing while inducing a timeless touch to every collection that celebrates Prints & Colors.
Originating from a desert-town in Gujarat, our kind textiles have made their way to distant ends of the world, engendering appreciation for the immaculate craftsmanship embedded in Indian traditions. We make collections that align with our values and with an appreciation for their makers. ‘Contemporary Revival’ as a design expression is hold close and lies at the spirit of every creation. Each piece of our clothing is made with the highest ethical standards and carefully stitched with great attention to fit and detail.
The Vraj:bhoomi fabric, is energised by the hands of makers, the rays of the sun, the fluidity of the water, and the sacred colours from nature. Its life starts from the surface of the earth, and ends with it, harnessing great stability in nature.

Bhoomi Dani

Summer of 2009, Bhoomi Dani graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology where she specialised in Textile design. She is the Design brain behind the brand and a true Libran who is always caught busy maintaining a perfect balance between the traditional crafts and contemporary style.

The life from the ever flowing river,
The constant energy from the Sun,
The sacred vibrant colors from the rocks and plants,
The hands of artisans,
The intricately carved wooden blocks from the heart of tree trunks,
Brings life to this fabric.


We are attentive of mindful production and conservation of natural resources. Our fabric is 100% biodegradable and ethically hand block printed with a minimum carbon footprint.

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